LUXURY BAKLAVA PASTRY SAMPLER SET (20 Oz) Hallab 1881, Taste the Unique, ORIGINAL Most Prestigious Assorted Baklava Sweets (Best Gift idea) (Gift Box 20 Oz, Baklava Variety Pack)Doggy Supply Mall

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Box contents: A mixture of Baklava cashews, pistachios and pines:
• Puff pastry rolled in Fingers and filled with pistachios, pines and cashews,
• Puff pastry dough (shaped as a "half moon" style) filled with pistachios and cashews,
• Crystalline vermicelli dough filled with pistachios, crystalline vermicelli dough filled with pistachios,
• Vermicelli rolls (shaped as "bird's nest") filled with cashews, walnuts & pistachios.
• Shredded filo dough, Hand rolled with fine whole pistachio and cooked to crisp brown,
• Shredded filo dough wrapped around cashews & pines,
• Finest spices are some of the ingredients old-world classic

We continue in providing the same kind of "home-made" taste and quality to all of our freshly prepared baklava tray. Every one of our baklava flavors is made daily, just as you would at home. In order to ensure that every pastry is the tastiest, most delicious to be found anywhere, we adhere to stringent guidelines when it comes to ingredients, preparation and presentation. Every detail must be perfect in order to advance and promote our desire to offer the best Turkish delight & Arabic Sweet Baklava worldwide.

When to use baklava? Baklava is ideal for daily snacks and as coffee cake. It is also formidable for many occasions such as: mother day gifts, birthday gifts for him and birthday gifts for her, birthday gifts for men, for women and birthday gifts for mom. It is also great as holiday gift baskets, family gifts, thank you gifts, anniversary gifts for parents, Christmas gifts and congratulations gifts. They are also very well for corporate gift baskets and gourmet gift baskets. Baklava cookies are perfect for wedding gift basket and college student gifts.

All of our pastries are fresh with no added preservatives.